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Machine translation. Nicolina Del Buono’s farm is a young farm led at a familiar level. It extends for various hectares on the Daunia’s table-land.

The four “lands” of the farm are so called: Ischia, Pozzo Basso, Faugno and Pietra Cipolla, all situated in the San Paolo di Civitate town in Foggia province. The little town of almost 7.000 inhabitants is 183 metres above sea level. 



The olive-grove of the farm have different plants of esteemed culture and some of them are organized with well-watered systems and they are conducted with some traditional farming techniques.

The production is destined to increase, if we consider that there are many young trees in the production.

As usual, olives are picked during the month of November, only by using the farming operator’ hands who, with his own ability and experience, can gather the product in suitable containers.

Other times, as regards harvest, the farming operator uses special net-like cloths, put on the land, under olive trees and there are picked all the olives torn off the trees.

Anyway, it has always been avoided the direct contact of the olives with the land. As usual, pressing is made in a lapse of time that comes from 24 hours to 36 hours following the harvest in the oil-press of the same town, under the direct control of the farm’s owner. So the oil obtained is kept in inox steel containers.

Azienda Agricola Del Buono Nicolina

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