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Machine translation. The farming land has a different nature because it is situated in four points of the Apulian town. However, they are argillaceous soil mixed to burned land, very good for the olive cultivation.

In order to produce a good table extra-virgin oil it is necessary a great precision in the production technique. The olive trees pruning is made by hand and only by reliable people. The fertilization is made only in certain periods of the year; the trees pumping is made only in a particular situation and, however, far from the harvest period.; the trees irrigation in some farms is executed by using drop and butterfly irrigators; olive harvest is only made by hand, without using mechanical tools. 



The olive milling that the Del Buono Nicolina’s farm produces is made after having carefully defoliated, conveyed, washed and separated the olive-product at centrifuge level.  

The oil produced by the Del Buono Nicolina’s farm is kept in inox steel containers at a controlled temperature. The oil is settled, decanted and poured off several times in order to maintain its original qualities.   Even in its selling phase, the product is poured in 5, 10, 15 and 20 litres tins and sent to the receiver.  

The extra-virgin oil obtained, tasty and esteemed by everybody for its scent and taste lightly pungent, has a green-gold colour with a light mat patina and it has an acidity less than 3,5%. The product is best used with raw food: salads, soups, roasts, grilled fish and mixed grilled food even if it is suitable for other food uses Apulian typical dishes.

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