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Machine translation. Actually, Nicolina Del Buono’s farm the following terms of sale to the customers

Payment whit transfer in advance

To procede to the shipment of goods, it is necessary to make a buying order and to provide for the sending of a money transfer made out to:

Name Del Buono Nicolina
Bank Credito Emiliano S.p.A..
Filial Via XX Settembre, 14


ABI 03032
CAB 78620
Number of the account 4799
Casual Acquisition oil the ... Order n. ... of ....

The delivery

The shipping of the product is generally made by 48 hours from the receipt of the order and the confirmation of payment on behalf of the credit firm.

Generally, the firm uses the speed mail S.D.A for the oil delivery but the customer can withdraw the product himself.

On the departure date of the oil tins, Nicolina Del Buono’s farm sends an e-mail to the consignee with all identifying data of the shipping.

If the quantity is not disposable at the moment of the order, the customer will be advise by e-mail about the times and the ways of delivery.

Garanty in shippings

Olive oil sent by Nicolina Del Buono’s farm will arrive to the address showed in the order. If the consignee is absent the express mail postman will leave a delivery message and the customer will arrange for the withdrawal at the hour and the address showed in the written message.

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